October 30, 2014

Toddler Sick Day Tips

I hate the sickies. When I hear an extra sneeze, I think "Ohhhh noooooooooo...." Cause that means lots of not sleeping is in my near future. Sick nights are really rough; fevers come out to play, noses get stuffier, babies and toddlers can't nurse because they can't breathe, they wake up frequently crankier than the last time because they're in pain and don't know why...I don't like sick nights!

But sick days are actually kind of fun. Even when kids are sick, they're usually pleasant during the day and act almost as if they're not sick. Sick days give me an excuse to make everything cozy, ignore all responsibilities and just cuddle up on the couch. I love hearing what other moms do when their kiddos get sick, so I'm going to share with you what we do over here!

1. My main goal is to keep them comfortable and encourage rest: I keep the shades partly drawn, make sure the boys are in soft, clean pajamas, set up a little bed with fresh sheets on the couch with a pillow, and keep all noises to a minimum. No blaring tvs or loud phone conversations.

2. I like to "medicate" the air, either using a humidifier or diffusing essential oils (I've only ever used OnGuard, but there are so many more you can use!).

3. When I was a good mom back when I had only one kid, I used to put vitamin D drops in my son's water every day, but now I only remember to do it when they're sick (REALLY need to start doing that daily again). Vitamin D majorly impacts the immune system in an awesome way. I buy my vitamin D drops at a health foods store and add a drop or two into their water cups in the morning.

4. I try to offer them healthy and fresh foods and avoid anything sugary which suppresses their immune system. I made chicken noodle soup with homemade bone broth one time...they didn't go for that. So whatever, I just try to offer them the best of what they will eat. And actually this is a lie, because Dacky is sick at the moment and I just made cinnamon sugar bread and gave it to him. Do as I say, not as I do.

5. Dacky refuses to let you suction his nose, so I'll either put him in a bathroom with a hot shower running, or put him in a warm bath and let the steam make his nose run.

6. For my nursing toddler, lots of breast milk! When Dacky isn't sick, I turn him down a lot when he asks to nurse because I'm like "No dude, you just nursed like 10 minutes ago, forget it", but when he's sick, it's an unlimited boobie bar day!

7. Whatever they want to do! Tv, tablets, etc. I know when I'm sick, I just want to lay on the couch in my misery and watch tv or read, so I let my boys do the same. Plus it keeps them from running around and not letting their bodies rest.

That's pretty much it! What do you do on your kiddo's sick days?

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October 28, 2014

The Blogger's Digest & Target Gift Card Giveaway

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October 27, 2014

Ipsy Bag: October 2014

I am not affiliated with or compensated by Ipsy. This monthly review is purely my own.

So I'm a little late to the game I guess, I had never heard of Ipsy until about a month ago. It's a beauty monthly subscription service/box thingy and it is awwwwesome

There are lots of box subscription services out there, (and if you know of a good one, let me know!) but this one caught my attention because it's beauty products (usually department store brands) for only $10 a month!!!

I watched a ton of YouTube reviews for previous months, and this box doesn't seem to disappoint very often! Although I will say I thought this month's loot looked a little skimp compared to what you usually get. I heard some similar opinions from other Ipsy subscribers, but I still loved what I got this month!

Everyone gets different stuff based on their style, which is determined by a questionaire you fill out when you sign up. There were 25 total products for this month, and you get 5 of those based on what they think you'd like.

This is Figs & Rouge Rose Berry Shea Butter Hand Cream, and it retails for $6.56. I received the full size product, which isn't very big but it's perfect for fitting in your purse. I liked the smell of the Rose Berry okay, it smells sweet, and I heard the mango version smells amazing. I didn't like how it felt kind of watery and thin, but it didn't leave my hands feeling greasy; it absorbs really fast. 

This is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser and the full product size retails for $32. I haven't tried this yet but I'm excited to. This is the description from their website:

"Our bestselling cleanser naturally washes away impurities to leave skin soft, refreshed, and luminous. A blend of natural ingredients (like strawberry fruit extract and hydrolyzed wheat protein) make it ideal for cleansing, hydrating, tightening, firming, and complexion control."

  Yes, please!

Okay, this stuff is AMAZING. I actually involuntarily moaned out "OH MY GOD!" when I put it on in the shower. It makes your face feel warm and it smells like pumpkin pie. I felt like I was taking a warm pumpkin pie and just rubbing it all onto my face! That's one thing I love about the Ipsy bag; they send you season appropriate products, which makes it even more fun!

This is the Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask and the full size product retails for $23. The product description online says to use 1-2 times a week for improved skin texture. It says there's pumpkin, papaya and pineapple enzymes, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. 

This is Starlooks Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasure and the full size product retails for $12. I really like this lip gloss and the color. It's not sticky and the color is perfect for me because I don't usually stray too far from my natural lip color, (not usually brave enough).

This is the Skone Cosmetics TATTOOED Waterproof Eyeliner and the full product size (which I received) retails for $15.

I actually wear eyeliner almost every single day, and I loooove this eyeliner. I made the perfect line and wing!

Ugh, couldn't decide between 3 or 4 stars. I don't even know why I'm not giving it 4 stars. Maybe because I'm not totally in love with the hand cream. Or maybe because I saw what other people got in their bags and I was jealous because what they had looked better. I'm an ungrateful wench because I actually really like and will use all of these products.

To subscribe to Ipsy's monthly box service, click here. That's my referral id, so if you decide to subscribe from my link, I'll earn points which I can use towards buying beauty products. Hook a sista up if you decide to subscribe!

Have you heard of Ipsy? Do you suscribe to any monthly box services?


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