September 18, 2014

Five on Friday


Dacky is kind of driving me insane recently. He's 19 months old and all of the sudden it just feels like he's sooooo clingy, whiney, tantrumy, defiant, and a nursing-more-than-a-newborn terror.

Yes, I know it's normal. Yes, I know everyone has their theories and ideas on this stage, but all I really care about is the fact that he's leaving me bone tired. Not sure if it's his unrelenting persistence or the fact that I'm also dealing with a three year old all day too. And don't get me started on three year olds. Probably a mixture of both.

Pray for my weary soul.

 T W O

I'm originally from North Carolina, and next month my mom and I, along with the boys, are going to go stay in NC for two and half weeks with my grandma. I'm a little scared because the boys have never been on a plane but I'm really happy they're going to get to spend time with my family that they've never met! Only my parents and brother live in Arizona, everyone else is in NC so this will be really nice.


I've been sooooo excited this whole week because a book I've been looking forward to reading came out on Tuesday! If you're into the Law of Attraction, you should check it out. The first one she wrote was on the New York Times Bestseller list for twenty weeks, and I imagine this one will do the same! It's called "E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig". Not even kidding, with the first experiment, I thought of my earrings that I lost. Just a few hours later, while I was vacuuming the living room like I do every day, they were laying on the carpet next to each other. They've been missing for weeks and I vacuum every day, and there was nothing they could've fallen off of. And sorry if you officially consider me a freak.


Speaking of being a freak...tell me if this has ever happened to you. I had a best friend, and we were friends through most of junior high, high school, and our twenties. Up until I was about 26 to be exact, and I'm 30 now. Anyway, I often think of her like I would an ex!! We ended on bad terms, but I will still have dreams about her and I always dream that I'm trying to be her friend again and she rejects me. I think the reason I miss her is because despite our huge falling out, she was so awesome to talk to. I felt like she knew me. And I miss that. I miss her.


I know I just stated above that Dacky is driving me insane, but I have to say for the millionth time on my blog that life with two kids seriously gets easier and easier by the month! The first year was kind of crazy. Okay, a lot crazy. I felt overwhelmed much of the time and I rarely got normal things done, like dinner! My house stayed a perpetual mess for the most part. I was breastfeeding a toddler as well as a baby and I felt like that was all I did; I was just sort of run down.

Skip to today, I'm only nursing one, and they play so much more together now that I actually get way more done. Most days, I'm getting a cooked-from-scratch dinner on the table and I have the house picked up. And I can handle bath and bedtime with both boys easily. Well, not easily, I'm tired...but everything is just so much smoother now. So, I'm loving this!

How did your week go? #TGIF

September 17, 2014

How to Potty Train a Boy in ONE DAY

Hahahaha oh man, I loved writing out that title. All I ever see in articles about potty training is how to do it fast and you won't have any issues and it will probably work for your 3 week old if you do it right! Beat you all with that title, suckers!!!

Let me just share some quick stats with you! Piggie has been using the potty for about 3 weeks now.

  • He's had a handful of accidents in the last month where he barely wets himself, not even enough to change his underwear, but he's able to stop the flow of urine and go to the potty to finish. So do those even count as accidents?
  • He's had ONE full pee accident, and it was yesterday. My mom had come over and brought new toys and he was totally thrown off.
  • He's had ZERO poop accidents. Poop, I've been told, seems to be the hardest concept for boys to get when potty training. And he doesn't hold his poop, either.
  • He never wets himself while napping and we do still have him in a diaper at night, but he usually wakes up dry.
  • We just went on a 6 hour road trip to San Diego, and he had ZERO accidents there and back. We brought his potty along in the car and he would tell us when he needed to go.
  • While on vacation, he went pee and poop in public restrooms with no problem.

This has been the easiest experience ever!! I seriously thought potty training a boy was going to leave me bald from pulling hair out, but it's been so easy I almost forget it even happened.

Okay, here is where you may think I'm insane and think this method is not easy or clever because it involves waiting. And more diaper changing. And waiting.

I waited until my son initiated potty training on his own. 

He was three and half years old before he walked up to me one evening with a worried look on his face and uttered the phrase "Mommy, I have to go to the potty!" while wearing a diaper. 

Oh, what a glorious sound to a mother's ears. A mother who has been changing diapers for three and half years.

But I would rather change a diaper than deal with frequent accidents for who knows how long. My friend told me of a saying "You can start at two and be done by three, or start at three and be done by three." I reminded myself of that saying many a time when I was changing a stinky diaper.

Piggie is also a more cautious child, as well as a late bloomer. He needs to do things on his own terms. So this is another reason why I think this worked out so well for him.

Some things I did do to try to ripen his interest in going to the potty:
  • Asked him frequently during diaper changes if he was ready to use the potty. I got the answer "no" for a very long time.
  • Set a potty out.
  • Read some potty books.
  • Had him watch the Daniel Tiger episode where he learns to use the potty, multiple times. It's on Netflix!
  • Bought superhero underwear because he loves superheroes. 

Twice, he acted like he was going to be interested. Both times he went pee in the potty several times in one day, but then insisted to have his diaper back and I didn't hear another word about the potty for months. Patience.

He had "signs" of getting closer to being ready to potty train long before he actually wanted to. He was interested in me using the toilet before he was two, when he was two his nap and nighttime diapers started getting drier and he started asking to have his poop diapers changed, and when he was three he started leaving the room to go poop in privacy in his diaper. I was just waiting for his desire to potty train.

I read this article a few years ago after my midwife posted it on Facebook. The author is a pediatric urologist, and he put a little bit of a scare in me regarding early training and also reassured me that it's okay and definitely not lazy to let your child train on their own time. A mom was quoted at the bottom of the article stating,

"My son wasn't trained until he was 3.5 and it just clicked. My daughter is 3 and is giving me a hard time, but I have a feeling it will be the same way. Rest assured, they will not be going off to school still wearing diapers, so I don't push it. There are more important things in life to stress over."

I'm not gonna lie, I doubted my plan many times, thinking if I didn't "buckle down" and train him, he was going to be in diapers forever. It felt like everyone around us was out of diapers. Yet really, at three and a half years old, he's at a pretty average age for boys to be officially potty trained. 

But seriously, this whole potty training experience has been a breeze. It was like one day he was in diapers and the next he acted as if he'd been using the potty for months. He just knew and got it like that. It was definitely a benefit of waiting for him to be older and initiating it himself.

If you have any potty training tips, please leave them below for the ones who are here reading for some insight! 

September 16, 2014

The Blogger's Digest #56

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I've been on vacation for the last several days in San Diego! Super exciting news for you, I know.

If I was a good blogger, I would've at least prepared a post or two for this week before I left, but I don't roll that way. The best I can do is prepare posts on the Sunday the week of. I usually have to "feel" my posts. Do you? Or can you write weeks or months in advance?

The most clicked posts from last week, from top to bottom, left to right:
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  5. Blended Families 101 - Second Chances Girl
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