December 16, 2014

The Blogger's Digest #69

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December 14, 2014

My Huffington Post Experience + A Note of Encouragement to Other Writers

Well, I survived!

From three weeks ago when I submitted my post, What If We Didn't Sexually Shame Our Daughters, to getting a response within twelve hours that they would love to run it, to riding a two week roller coaster of "are they going to publish it or not???", to receiving an email telling me they loved it so much they were saving it for feature, to watching it go live, to hearing from others how the comments bashed me into the ground, to seeing it go to the front page of The Huffington Post, and from receiving positive comment after positive comment and email....I am here, still standing and super happy/proud/amazed/honored/and grateful.

Here was some of the positive feedback I received:

"Wow! This is so on point with my own experience, it's scary."

"Very emotional and true."

"The rose thing is definitely being taught. My sister's class was handed a rose and told how beautiful it was before it was touched. Rose was passed around the class and after all the kids touched it, it became dirty, wilted, and broken. Just like a woman becomes if she has sex before marriage. And this was a public junior high school in Indiana."

"I was told girls were like piece of tape and every time you had sex it was like sticking the tape on something and peeling it back off. Eventually, the tape will stop being sticky and you'll be unable to bond with your sexual partners because you've created a tolerance to sex hormones."

"Totally heard this and other things in church junior high groups. Leader would say 'Who wants a piece of gum?' holding up Bubblicious for the taking...hands would shoot up. Now he would slowly unwrap it and put it in his mouth and start chewing...then take it out and again offer. Nobody wanted it now, just like any poor girl who had sex before marriage."

"These analogies are ridiculous! Any person who tells young people these things should be ashamed."

"She raises some very valid points."

"I have 2 little girls 8 and 5 and read your article on sexuality. Bravo...I hope to be a strong role model for them and to create two healthful happy girls who are empowered. Sexuality and intimacy are normal and vibrant parts of who we are. I sent your article to my wife and let her know that the article was pretty cool. As a man with a healthy appetite for life, I am always asked what I am going to do when my girls get to the age of sexual discovery. My answer is always the same...'hopefully equip them with strength and understanding that they own their bodies, and decisions, and no matter what they choose, to be mindful and thoughtful about making the decisions FOR themselves..." Then, no mater what they choose, it is ok. Thanks for the article. Cheers."

"I just read your post about women and their sexuality. Boy it hits home. I didn't grow up in the bible belt or in a family that was very religious, I grew up with a mother that got pregnant at 17 had me at 18 and was told to get an abortion and was kicked out. Her insecurities and heartache lived with me growing up. I never felt comfortable with my body or sex because I always thought about my mom and her words about "messing up" and not "doing" the right thing. She made me feel like sex was a mistake and it was something that should never happen. As a 40 year old it is still hard to let that go. I have two young daughters and your post really has touched me. I know we as women have sexual desires and emotions and I plan on making sure they don't feel hideous for having them. Being open and talking about these sort of things I hope will allow them to not view sex like I do."

Comments like this made it all completely worth it. Not to mention all of the support I received from my fellow bloggers leading up to, during, and after. Thank you so much to those of you who shared my article and left encouraging comments, it meant so much to me.

Putting Yourself Out There


Writers are always putting themselves out there. And the more personal, raw, honest, and open our writing is, the more relatable and interesting it becomes.

Sometimes our truths aren't well received, but that should never stop us from telling our truths and starting conversations of change. We can't be afraid of the small minority of people who don't want to hear these truths because it makes them uncomfortable or forces them to question their own beliefs. If this were the case, no positive change would ever be made.

This message goes for anyone. No matter what, don't be afraid to blaze new trails. Because one thing I learned this weekend, is that for every one hundred haters, you will have three thousand supporters. Why? Because it's in our human nature to constantly evolve and change for the better.

#tellyourstory #bebrave #hatersgonnahate #keepdoinyothang

December 11, 2014

Getting Your Blog Ready For the New Year

If there's one thing I love more than the Christmas season, it's the New Year. A fresh, clean slate ready for bigger and better things! New planners, new pens, a house that's been purged, and for us bloggers...a blog game plan for the new year!

Oh and do I have plans this year. Each year blogging has become more fun, more challenging, more rewarding, more exciting, and more habit. I no longer go weeks without touching my blog like I did in the past. It's become a part of my life that not only I look forward to doing, but that I consider important work!

So today I wanted to share with you some links I've found from awesome bloggers who have shared their wisdom and insights on blogging, as well as free goodies like an email series to prepare your blog for the new year and blogging checklists!

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1. Kaleidoscope - If you check but only one of these links, let this one be the one! Amanda has created 15 Days to Prepare Your Blog and Yourself for 2015. It's a FREE email series loaded with amazing information and inspiration. And don't worry about signing up late, you will receive all of them! I'm seriously dying over this one, you guys. 

2. 10 Must-Read Posts to Make You a Better Blogger - all of these posts were so helpful, from free daily/monthly/yearly blogging checklists to an interview with a lawyer regarding blogging and the law. 

3. 50 No-Fluff, Content-Rich Blog Post Ideas - she wasn't kidding, this is a legit list of post ideas and with each idea she expands to give an example. This is one of the first lists I've seen with actual writing ideas that I could use.

4. 29 Tips to Increase Your Productivity as a Blogger - I love these tips because they're all about being productive without letting your passion for blogging turn into an overwhelming addiction! Or an overwhelming stress-fest! 

5. 5 Tips to Using Google Analytics to Better Understand Your Blog - Great tips if you aren't very well versed in using Google Analytics. I check mine weekly, mainly to see what my top posts were and where the majority of my traffic is coming from.

6. 7 Great Rules for Submitting Your Writing - some very good tips here! Although I don't think all of them are necessary, but I'm going to make a blog post soon on this subject!

7. Media Kit 101 - I really like this post on putting together a media kit. I need to make one of these, stat!

8. How to Backup Your Blog - boring but necessary, so it's a good thing to know and Fran walks us through the steps for both Blogger and Wordpress blogs.

I hope you find these links useful! I pin a lot of blogging-related posts onto my >blogging board<, but sadly so many of them are doozies. I can assure you that these links have been painstakingly perused and approved! Awesome, awesome tips/tutorials/freebies/ideas above! 

Do you do anything special blogwise for the new year? 
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